Rescue exercise at a dizzying height on Frankfurt's "Skyper" skyscraper

Frankfurt, 06.06.2016

On June 8, Hessischer Rundfunk (public broadcaster in the German federal state of Hesse) will be showing the fire brigade's rescue drill on television.

The height rescue group from the Frankfurt am Main fire service and the television crew from Hessischer Rundfunk were flying high in April: A few weeks ago, the firefighters were involved in a drill in the "Skyper" office tower to practice how to put out fires and save lives even at a dizzying height. Hessischer Rundfunk used a drone for the very first time to film the whole event. You will be able to watch "Hoch hinaus" (Flying high) as be part of the "Alles Wissen" program on June 8. It is broadcast every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on the channel hr.

Allianz has owned the "Skyper" building since 2013. It consists of three parts and is located in the railway station district of Frankfurt am Main on the corner of Taunusanlage and Taunusstrasse. It is made up of the neoclassical "Skyper Villa", which dates back to 1915, the "Skyper-Hochhaus" skyscraper, which is nearly 154 meters high, and the residential and commercial  "Skyper-Carré" building.

The Frankfurt am Main fire service has had a rescue team for more than 20 years which is specifically trained for rescue operations in the inside and on the outside of Frankfurt's skyscrapers. "Construction, renovation and maintenance work on high buildings and structures can lead to accidents, fires or other incidents. The fire service's standard equipment reaches its limits very quickly in these cases. The Höhenretter (height rescuers) are members of Frankfurt's fire service who are specially trained and equipped for extreme heights and depths", the fire service website states.

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